· Originated in B.C. 7

· The trireme was used earlier than the pentekontor.

· Commonly used between B.C. 6-5 .Classical boat of the Antiquity Period.

· Used as a cargo and warship.
. The main weapon for ramming into enemy ships was the beak of the ship and the rowers. This methos was a milestone in the history of marine wars.
· There is not any wreck of a Trireme. Only explanations and definitions provided by iconographers and historians of the Antiquity Period are available.
· The word meaning of ‘Trireme’ is rowers in three lines. Triremes built for cargo-carrying purposes sail only by yards.
· The beak of the ship was covered with heavily weighted bronze beaks which enabled to protect oarsmen and the fighting area.

Photos of Trireme, a cargo and a war ship from B.C. 6 constructed for Izmir History and Art Museum.